Reign Ministries

Hannah Johnson

Kairos Leadership Team


I was born and raised in the cold state of MN. I first came to Kairos Discipleship School as a student in 2013. Little did I know that the Lord was about to call me to join full-time staff with this ministry, which is where I've been ever since! I served with Kairos for 4 years before marrying my husband, Josiah, and I continue to serve as the administration/logistics coordinator and small group leader. I love working with students and seeing their knowledge of the Word expand, love for God deepen, and passion for the lost get increasingly bigger!

I Like:

Camping, traveling, reading, tea, and wrapping myself in a plethora of warm blankets.

I Love:

My husband, cooking, backpacking, and spending quality time with people.

i can't get enough of:

Salads, journaling, and time alone with Jesus.

People say:

I have a positive spirit and am always cold.