Tim Warren



I am the youngest of 9 siblings, and an uncle to 28 nieces and nephews, so I know what it's like to feel unseen. I have a passion for helping people feel seen and valuable in who God has made them to be. I've worked a variety of jobs, from call centers, to food service, to home repair. I've spent many summers traveling with Royal Servants, and two years learning and growing at Kairos Discipleship School. I am a huge people-person, but can become exhausted from too many surface-level interactions. I have a desire to grow deep relationships with the people around me. My wife Annika and I enjoy creating healthy, thriving community wherever we are, and hosting groups of friends in our home to help that process. I love bringing people out of their shell and showing them the power that God's love can have in their life.

I Like:

Overcast days, coffee, teamwork games, and pasta.

I Love:

My wife, family reunions, random acts of kindness, and a cup of tea.

i can't get enough of:

Accomplishing goals with a team, traveling, learning new skills, and kolaches.

People say:

I'm funny.