Tom Ives

Reign Ministries President


Before joining Reign Ministries I did a little of everything; I sold diamond engagement rings in downtown St. Paul, waited tables at a 4-star restaurant in the Scottish highlands, worked at a hostel in Switzerland, lived on a Kibbutz (communal farm) in Israel, and have hitchhiked across the USA, Europe, Israel, and Scandinavia. I had no interest in missions or teenagers until I went on Royal Servants. That summer God rocked my world, changed my heart, and readjusted my priorities. I joined Reign Ministries right after in 1983 (yes, that long ago) and have been leading mission trips every year since!

I Like:

The outdoors (but live in the city–go figure), hiking, canoeing, fishing, and eating cereal for any meal.

I Love:

My wife and family, reading just about anything, trying new things, and eating Chinese dumplings (Jiaoze).

i can't get enough of:

Working with students, hard travel, intense ministry, and anything to do with a creamy mint/chocolate combination!

People say:

I’m random, have a lot of energy, and I am passionate.