Annika Warren

Media Team Manager


I'm a native Arkansan, ametuer creative, and lover of people. I grew up in a family that loved each other deeply and laughed like no other. In 2019, I married the most stellar dude who has brought so much joy and growth into my life. My first adventure with Reign Ministries was in 2018, and I experienced God's grace and love in my life for the first time. After my summer with Royal Servants, my heart grew more and more towards people and I felt the call on my life to be in full time ministry. At the time, I had no idea what that looked like but I have been doing my best to walk with Jesus as He leads me into newer and greater adventures. I have been working with students since 2020, and my passion for students, discipleship, and missions has been steadily growing since. I want to see students excited and equipped to share their faith and grow the Kingdom.

I Like:

Coffee, music, summer

I Love:

Being outside, new friends, punny jokes

i can't get enough of:

Late night convos, exploring new places

People say:

I'm competitive and adventurous