Molly Fisk

Media Team


I grew up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by the mountains, trees, and my family. I lived in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and the beautiful coast was just an hour away. I absolutely love the outdoors, adventure, and ministry, and God has combined all of those in my role at Reign! Growing up, I knew who God was but didn’t really understand what it looked like to live my life following Him. In high school, God exposed me to my brokenness and showed me how deeply He loved me: enough to die for me. As the Lord transformed me personally, He also turned my attention outward towards those who were still in need of that truth and a relationship with Him. I went on my first Royal Servants trip to Ireland when I was 17, went on the alumni trip (Nehemiah) at 18, did Kairos Discipleship School right after, and haven’t looked back since. Working with Kairos, I am able to walk with others, show them God's love for them, and utilize the passions and gifts the Lord has given me in the process! It’s an incredible ministry, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

I Like:

Reading in my spare time, trying new recipes, and FaceTiming my niece!

I Love:

The Oregon Coast, spending time with the Lord, and a good cup of coffee.

i can't get enough of:

Chocolate covered mangos, naps, and reading good books.

People say:

That I'm most definitely an extrovert (I am not).