Holly Duke

Royal Servants Mission Trip Leader


Hello! My name is Holly Duke and I have been on staff with Reign Ministries since late 2001 and I love it. I have been involved in student ministries ever since I graduated high school. I have served on staff with camp ministries through college, lived in the girls dorm at boarding school, and served on staff in youth ministry.

I currently serve in Missions Ministry at my church, and of course spend my summers with Royal Servants. I attended Briercrest Bible College in Saskatchewan, Canada (I am Canadian) and graduated with a BA in Christian Ministry, with an emphasis in Counseling and Youth. When you write all this stuff out it looks like a lot. The truth is, I really love students; they will always be the next generation, and seeing God work through them and transforming their lives is an incredible privilege.

I Like:

Finding money I forgot about in my pockets, when people are kind, living in British Columbia because I don’t have to shovel my driveway, and looking through old photos and remembering the memories.

I Love:

Besides Jesus, my niece and nephew, steak, family, traveling, and cheese from this one bakery in Calgary – seriously so good.

i can't get enough of:

Sunshine, incredibly funny people (you know who you are), and God-moments in travel stories.

People say:

I am funny; I am not sure I agree with them, but maybe it is just that I am funnier than they are. People say funny things…