Beka Kopenski

Media Team


I was first introduced to Reign Ministries in 2009 when members from Reign's Kairos Discipleship School came and spoke about both Kairos and Royal Servants. I decided that day that I had to go. I went on my first Royal Servants trip in 2011 to Nepal and was hooked. After a few more summers and a year in Kairos, I finally made the decision to join staff in 2022.

I grew up in New York and Georgia and am now a Minnesota resident, working full-time at the Reign Office.

After years of traveling here and there on various Reign Ministries trips, joining staff has felt like coming home. I'm excited to partner with Reign and help inspire students just as much as staff have done for me over the years.

I Like:

Board games, movie marathons, and DIY projects

I Love:

Reading, Cooking, and Baking

i can't get enough of:

Coffee, road trips, hours spent in my kayak or hammock, and writing stories.

People say:

I’m a good listener and very creative