Linda MacDonell

Royal Servants Administration Team


My first experience with missions came during three life-changing summers when I was in High School under the leadership of my crazy Youth Pastor, Louie Inks. During those trips, God showed me that I was important to Him and He desired an honest and deeply personal relationship between us. Six years later my husband and I joined Reign Staff and together we led Royal Servant teams for 10 years. We went on to work together in church youth ministry facilitating missions opportunities with our students in inner city settings and Mexico, as well as encouraging them to be involved in Royal Servants.

My greatest joys in life have been raising my two beautiful daughters and working side by side in ministry with my husband. When Todd passed away in 2010 I prayed that God would show me what was next for me. And He clearly led me back to a ministry that has influenced every area of my life.

I love to be involved in things that are purposeful and use my passion for (or some say, obsession with) organization to help facilitate events and projects. I have had the privilege of doing this for the past 26 years in a variety of areas in children’s ministry, women’s ministry, church administration, youth ministry and missions.

I Like:

Pajamas, the smell of black dirt, fresh salsa, licking beaters, the ocean, chick flicks, and antiques browsing.

I Love:

My kids and grandkids, gardening, my Christmas tree, and the hope of heaven.

i can't get enough of:

Popcorn, circus peanuts, pulling weeds, and thrift stores.

People say:

I have a green thumb and a list for everything.