Reign Ministries

Grace Horst

Director of Media

The Central valley of California will always be my home. Since going on the EuroQuest team in 2007, I have not been able to pull myself away from Reign Ministries. My heart began to beat for ministry, for discipleship, and for missions. I had been encouraged to step out of my day-to-day Christian walk and into an experience of radical relationship with Jesus. If I wasn’t challenged, stretched, poured into, and discipled, I wouldn’t be here today. Now I'm passionate about doing the same for others. Leading me to made the big leap into the frozen tundra that is Minnesota to work at Reign Ministries Int’l headquarters, in 2010.

I Like:

Camping, learning, spikeball, and being WITH people.

I Love:

Training Camp, traveling, learning (cultures, religions, psychology, etc.) and bustin' a dance move.

i can't get enough of:

Coffee, thrifting, making small places feel like home, and movies!

People say:

A lot of things and I love to listen when they do!