40th Anniversary

We are honored to have been serving students, parents, ministry workers, organizations, communities, and so much more these past 40 years! Join us in the celebration!

Reverend Louie Inks wanted his students to experience a mission trip overseas, but he was unable to find an organization that emphasized discipleship and evangelism the way he envisioned. So in 1980, he organized, led the trip himself and found that this 8-week summer mission trip had a profound impact on the lives of his students, in part because of the focus on ministry, emphasis on discipleship, all in an environment outside their comfort zone.

In 1981, Louie founded Reign Ministries and the first official Royal Servants mission trip was launched in 1982. Reign Ministries was a result of the conviction that God can (and wants to!) use teenagers as ambassadors for His Kingdom and 40 years later, we still believe it.

time to celebrate!

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tHE 1980's

The beginning years of Reign Ministries (Royal Servants) had a lot of firsts - firsts that turned into some of the pillars within Royal Servants. Do you remember the obstacle course? Still have it! How about those mornings? Still enjoy those! What about Ticklish Rueben? Yeah. He’s still laughing his way through our summers. Do you remember walking in twos? Yep! In the ‘80s, we loved sending teams from boot camp and running into each other in the city streets of Europe while doing ministry. 

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notre dame street evangelism
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clown ministry team

tHE 1990'S

Ah, the ‘90s. With the ‘90s rolling around, we had some of the largest teams in Reign history! Training Camp was packed, and you could really “MMMbop” into each other at our sacred trough. Clowns were in, and your normal mission trips were out! We continued to help change the course of what a “typical” summer looked like. You know - you were there! Wouldn’t you agree that we were “Livin’ La Vida Loca”? We only have one question: what color were you?

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tHE 2000's

The 2000s was the first decade where we had full teams serving on 6 continents! The Voice of Truth tells us a different story, even with the impact and tragedy of 9/11, hearts continued to be stirred (along with peanut butter and honey, of course), and we brought the love of Jesus overseas! Because just as there are physical laws that govern the physical world … so are there spiritual laws … Can you finish the booklet? Who remembers the shackles and the wall dramas? What was YOUR favorite dance?

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rs spiritual laws
dance performance ministry
training camp wall exercise
street evangelism conversations
team prayer circle
training camp hilltop
greece macedonia team photo
training camp worship big top

tHE 2010'S

With 2012 coming in clutch, we officially launched Royal Servants on our own land in Pardeeville, WI. After years of being in Lewistown, we turned the Hayfield into the Hilltop, cook tents into cooking cabanas, and the food trailer into the food shack! But don’t worry, the Big Top still is the Big Top. And the meal remains Spaghetti and Meatballs and Louie’s favorite dessert!

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