Serving Other and Ministry Outreach

Serving others and doing ministry outreach can change your life forever. Do you remember the powerful ministry moments you experienced on Royal Servants?!

“Going to orphanages was amazing and changed my life… the time I was out ministering was amazing!” -Marissa

“My heart for adoption and working with vulnerable children opened up. We visited HIV excommunicated communities to hear their stories and pray. We ran children’s and school evangelism programs. We saw youth dedicate their lives to Christ! I am still friends with our translator to this day.” -Dana

“Royal Servants taught me to embrace ambiguity, wait on God to work, and work in a team.” -Dana“[My Royal Servants] trip confirmed the life course on which God had already placed me. God had already called me to be a missionary... Royal Servants allowed me to experience the great joy of serving Him.” -Nathan

“I think of those who I spoke with in Nepal on deep levels, often. I remember the days of praying over those of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist religions, all of the days and nights with my team on hotel rooftops interceding for these unbelievers.” -Brittany

“When we were in the Czech Republic, we went out to the old town square in Prague to perform but for some reason our sound equipment wasn’t working so we improvised and a big group of us ended up singing worship songs in a cappella. It was beautiful and moving. A day I’ll never forget.” -Marissa

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