A selfie of a Royal Servants Mission Trip Leader and a student.


Our commitment to you is that your son or daughter will be engaged in relevant, effective, challenging ministry, be intentionally discipled in an atmosphere with a spiritual emphasis, and be led by competent, seasoned mission professionals.

Many parents are concerned as modern culture and a progressive Christian message have put those who hold to historic Christian beliefs - from the reliability of Scripture to the Atonement to sexuality - on the defensive. And recent statistics reveal that up to 70% of Christians leave their faith once they enter college. 

Royal Servants is dedicated to helping students mature in their faith. We want them to know what they believe and why they believe it. Our goal is for them to be strengthened in their faith through solid Bible training, Scripture memorization, and to establish them in historic Biblical truths. Our passion is to see students securely grounded in what they believe to enable them to withstand the hurricane of today’s culture.

Therefore, Royal Servants is committed to intentional discipleship in a spiritually-focused, grace-filled atmosphere. Participants will engage in effective, challenging ministry, and be led by competent, seasoned mission professionals.

Theologically Safe

Read through our statement of faith and make sure we are the right fit for your son or daughter. Our biblical worldview is best described as historic Christianity, and we teach from a traditional perspective on morality and values that the church has held for over 2000 years. On everything else, we encourage students to seek answers from their parents and local church community.

Professionally Led

Royal Servants mission trips are led by Reign Ministries’ staff, not part-time volunteers. Our staff care deeply about students and see leadership as a privilege. Each staff member is intensively trained on how to connect with and lead the GenZs. They are fully engaged in every aspect of the mission trip, whether being involved in ministry, leading Bible studies, or just hanging out building relationships. They are intentional to ensure that each student is discipled beginning at Training Camp and through debriefing prior to returning home. On average, Trip Leaders have 11 years of mission/youth ministry experience.

Discipleship Focused

Royal Servants places a high priority on the spiritual equipping of all participants. Each student is assigned to a discipleship group of two to four students of the same gender, led by Senior Staff or Summer Staff. The “d-group” is the primary place where relationships are built, the day’s quiet times are discussed, and support, encouragement, and prayer take place. The leadership is also there every day to listen, talk, and pray through issues, problems, and any frustrations that students may be experiencing.

Safety & Health

Royal Servants takes the safety and health of each participant seriously. We are aware that we work with parents’ greatest treasures, your children, so we go to great lengths to ensure that your son/daughter remains healthy and safe throughout the trip. One of Royal Servants safety protocols is that no student is allowed to go out alone; our participants must always travel in groups of three or more. The Trip Leaders also continually monitor conditions within the host country, and if a situation arises (political or environmental) that threatens the security of the team, it will be moved to a stable location.


Royal Servants is an equal measure of spiritual training, leadership preparation, Gospel sharing, and missions exploration. We are intentional in everything we do; from the emphasis on individual spiritual development, to teaching, memorization, prayer, and intensive discipleship. Countless past participants have shared that Royal Servants was a defining moment in their personal lives and in their walk with Christ.

A parent's perspective

Hear from some parents about their student's experience on Royal Servants and catch a glimpse of our Training Camp on our "Open House" day where friends and family get to visit and experience a day at Training Camp!

Training Camp

Training Camp may sound intimidating, but don’t let a name put you off. Training Camp is one of the most important aspects of the mission trip. It is a challenging, fast-paced environment designed to give students the tools they need to be successful on the mission field. As a result, students and Summer Staff will arrive at their overseas ministry site:

  • Spiritually grounded
  • Equipped with ministry tools
  • Bonded as a ministry team
  • Emotionally prepared for the work ahead
  • Ready to immerse themselves in the culture with sensitivity

Overseas Ministry

We work with many local missionaries, churches, and Christ-followers. Each trip’s specific work is determined by the vision of the local ministry partner and needs of the people. A typical day most often includes the following:

  • Personal devotions (1 hour)
  • Discipleship group meeting (following devotions; usually 30-45 minutes)
  • Active outreach (anywhere from 6 to 8+ hours)
  • Team meeting – includes teaching, discussion of quiet time assignment, and ministry follow-up (most evenings 1-2 hours)
  • Worship and prayer (up to an hour)
  • And don’t forget about the meals!


Each Royal Servants mission trip sets aside four to five days at the end of the mission trip for the debriefing process. Trip Leaders will walk the team through an in-depth process of reflection, preparation, and goal setting designed to enable all participants to make the transition home as smooth as possible.

Leadership Structure

Each team’s leadership is made up of qualified youth professionals and volunteers.

  • Trip Leaders are Reign Ministries staff members. They set the tone for their teams and are models, teachers, counselors, and mentors to students who need to see a solid example of godliness lived out. Our Trip Leaders have a profound impact in the life of each student. Therefore, we make sure only experienced and qualified youth workers lead Royal Servants mission trips.
  • Senior Staff is a seasonal volunteer who works directly with the Trip Leaders with tasks that support the team. The roles include daily meal preparation, managing team finances, or providing medical support. Senior Staff may also be involved in the discipleship of Summer Staff and students through small group interactions and prayer.
  • Summer Staff are often small group leaders but, depending on experience and skills, may also be trained to assist in social media, team photography, logistics, and meal preparation. Summer Staff are taught how to equip, support, and come alongside students to encourage them to go deeper in their walk with Christ.


The cost of the mission trips vary and is listed on each trip’s specific page on the website. The cost of the mission trip is the base cost (which includes transportation and almost all meals once a participant arrives at Training Camp) and spending money. 

Possible expenses outside of the mission trip costs are: passport (required for overseas travel), visa (country dependent), travel to Training Camp and home after the summer, baggage fees (if applicable), and miscellaneous medical costs (physical, vaccinations, travel insurance), etc.


Team updates are a priority, and our goal is to keep you informed via social media as often as is practical and as ministry schedule and internet accessibility allows. Be prepared that the team may not be able to meet your update requirements! Many teams do have a person dedicated to social media, so pictures and updates will be made by the trip’s leadership team as time allows.

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