mentor a royal servant

At Royal Servants, we are all about relationships and believe that one of the primary ways God works in our lives is through the relationships He has put in our lives.

We believe having a mentor from home is a crucial part of how God might use a Royal Servants experience. This doesn't just allow a participant to have a great adventure for a summer, but having a mentor brings about long lasting growth and development that will impact them and their world for the rest of their life!  A mentor helps bridge the experiences they will have during their trip to the work God is doing in their life at home, both before and after their trip. Finding or being a mentor should not be hard; it simply requires intentional time, a commitment to pray, and a willingness to journey together through the three phase process that is laid out.
Thank you for stepping into this role!

phase one:

Pre-Mission Trip Expectations

- Sign up!
- Set up 1st meeting (early Spring):
     Establish a relationship
- Encouragement Project
- Set up 2nd meeting (1 month before departure):      Specific prayer and support for logistics
- Set up a special send off
- Pray

phase two:

during Mission Trip Expectations

- Send Hilltop Express messages while student is at Training Camp
- Subscribe to Trip Updates and follow on Social Media
- Send 1-2 emails (while overseas) letting them know you are praying
- Pray

phase three:

post-Mission Trip Expectations

- Create a special "Welcome Home"
- Set up 1st meeting (1st week of returning home):      Share stories, pictures, and goals
- Set up 2nd meeting (1 month after return home):      Check in and follow up on goals
- Optional continued meetings are up to you and your Royal Servant
- Fill out mentor evaluation