A group of Summer Staff, sitting around on stools.


Royal Servants is for those who are looking for an opportunity to be involved in international short-term missions with a fast-paced, youth-oriented, Christ-focused environment. Serving on one of our leadership teams as Senior Staff may be a perfect expression for your ministry heart and unique spiritual gifts.

As Senior Staff, you will be considered part of the mission trip’s Leadership Team. You will be responsible for one of the three principle roles of food, finances, or medical and be actively engaged in the day-to-day life of the team. You do not need previous experience because we will provide all the training you require. Depending on experience and need, Senior Staff will also be involved in small group leadership. Being Senior Staff will give you an incredible opportunity to develop your leadership gifts, grow spiritually, and develop deep and meaningful relationships with students.


Royal Servants has a philosophy that “everything you do is a point of contact in which to build a relationship.” Although your role as Senior Staff may be primarily task-oriented, you will influence and care for participants’ emotional and spiritual needs while working within your role. You will probably do well as Senior Staff if:

  • you take pleasure in coming alongside and mentoring students 
  • you enjoy serving, are able to pay attention to detail, and function well behind the scenes
  • you have the ability to work well when tired (jet lag), late at night, or under time constraints
  • you can be trusted with responsibilities and be relied on to complete the requirements of your role


  1. You must be 19-35 years old. It will be helpful if you have a prior ministry and/or missions experience, but it is not necessary. 
  2. You must be able to attend Staff Training and remain onsite to begin your role through all of Training Camp and then overseas until the mission trips’ completion. 
  3. You must be available to complete Reign Ministries’ interview process (phone or video call), provide a church reference, and pass a background check, which is required for those working with minors.


The role of the food coordinator is for those who are flexible and good at planning. You will create an overseas menu within a budget, shop for and purchase the food necessary for the meals, and be present to oversee the preparation of each meal. You’ll engage closely with small groups of students and train them on how to prepare, serve, and clean up each meal. If you are detailed, enjoy training, and are patient amid a bit of confusion, then you have some of the qualities that will help you excel in this role. Think about it, you just may be the person who saves a 15-year-old boy’s life by teaching him how to make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich!


You do not need medical experience or training for this role, though it does require a person who is organized and detailed. A little empathy helps as well! The role requires you to distribute daily prescription medications, track the use of over-the-counter medications, and monitor other health concerns as they arise. You will also accompany participants to the hospital/clinic when needed. All medical related issues will be updated daily in each team’s Medical Log. This role is essential in helping maintain and nurture the health of the team and allows you to care for and support team members in a very important and practical way.


Handling the team finances is critical as you are the team bank. You will be responsible for monitoring the team’s budget, handling international money exchanges, distributing participants’ spending money, and recording all purchases and money spent on the team books on a daily basis. You will build relationships with the students as you distribute their spending money and advise them on how to handle and track their funds.

Additional Opportunities

Some individuals on Senior Staff may also take on an additional discipleship role by leading a small group throughout the mission trip. This is not necessarily possible on every team but will be determined at Training Camp. There are other important tasks like media/communications, videography, photography, or ministry logistics that can also be part of a Senior Staff’s responsibilities.


Senior Staff training is designed to prepare you for your role. There will be multiple training sessions during the week, which includes all leadership in that same role on other teams. This is a great relationship building time with others in the same role and often becomes a support/encouragement network during Training Camp. Significant time is also set aside during Senior Staff week for you to get to know your Leadership Team, discuss the Trip Leader’s specific expectations, and dialogue about team dynamics. 

Trip Location

If you are interested in or are signing up for a specific team without being recruited by the Trip Leader, we will do our best to assign you to the mission trip you most want to serve on. However, depending on leadership needs (that team may already have a full leadership team), you may be asked to serve on your second or third choice trip.


The cost for a Senior Staff member is the same as it is for students, even though the mission trip is two weeks longer due to your training. Spending money is not included in the cost of the trip but is the same amount as a Summer Staff member on the same team. As a Senior Staff, you are also allowed to apply for a Leadership Scholarship provided by Reign Ministries. Additional information and forms will be sent to you once your registration process is complete.


Applying for the role of Senior Staff requires that you contact us at royalservants@reignministries.org. After answering a few basic questions, you’ll receive a validation code that will allow you to register online. Once you’ve completed the registration, we will set up a time for you to interview with a member of our Reign Ministries staff.