A group of Royal Servants smiling, hugging, and cheering.


Royal Servants is for teens and young adults who desire to learn how to share their faith effectively, increase their understanding of the Bible, and concentrate on deepening their relationship with Jesus. This takes time and intentionality, and that’s why our mission trips are longer than most.

Longer Trips

Depending on the overseas location your summer could be 5 to 8 weeks long! Perfect time for deep relationships, impactful ministry, and an adventure you will never forget.


Culture’s message is to find purpose in possessions, education, work, gender, etc. However, the Christian’s life is to be conformed into the image of Christ. We’ll help you find your identity in Christ alone: to know you are deeply loved, completely forgiven, fully pleasing, powerfully equipped, totally accepted, and complete in Christ.


We’re not afraid of questions and are there to help you work through any doubts and uncertainties. You’ll be intentionally and effectively equipped to develop your walk with Christ and go home anchored in biblical truth. Not only will you know what you believe but why you believe!


Each team is an encouraging, caring, supportive, and safe community. You’ll study, pray, eat, laugh, and sometimes cry together, which are the ingredients of a healthy, loving family. So come as you are because no one’s perfect, and let’s make this spiritual journey together!


Training Camp is where you’ll bond as a team, be equipped to effectively share your faith, and plan for your ministry abroad. You’ll leave Training Camp spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and practically prepared so that you can thrive in your ministry environment overseas.


Not only will you develop strong friendships and be involved in culturally relevant Kingdom work, you are going to know so much more about yourself and God. We also desire that when you go home, your identity won’t be in anything but in Christ alone.

The possibilities are endless.

Discover all the adventures students like you have had on Royal Servants in summers past. Visualize yourself on a trip by watching videos on our YouTube channel.