Assembling Support Packets

Each potential donor on your list should receive support packets asking for their help in financing your mission trip.

Your support packet consists of

  1. Your letter

    You will need to print and have this ready to go. For an example letter, click here.
  2. One brochure titled: Sponsor A Royal Servant

    We will send you a packet of 70 of these in your support raising packet. (We updated the images and colors. So you have either the blue one or the green one.)
  3. A Gift Envelope addressed to Reign Ministries

    We will send you a packet of 70 envelopes in your support raising packet.
  4. A sponsorship card

    These are also supplied by Reign Ministries and are included in your support raising packet. These cards provide special instructions to our office about how to process your donor’s gift. Be sure to place an account sticker included in your support raising packet on each card. Without your sticker on the card we will not know that your donor’s gift is for you.

    Check to make sure you place proper postage on your support packet before mailing. Our materials have been designed to fit in a standard No. 10 envelope and require only one regular-priced stamp. However if you write a multipage letter or include other materials your packet might require more postage.

    Consider mailing your packets in batches. We encourage you to call each person receiving a support request a week to ten days after they have received it. It you send out a lot of letters you may not be able to get all your calls made in a timely fashion. Plan ahead for making your calls and send your letters at the right time.