Example Support Letter

Following is an example support letter you can use. You can copy the text and paste into your own document or you can download a Word file at the bottom of the page. If you prefer to write your own letter, click here for helpful tips.

Example Support Letter

Dear [insert your friend’s name],

I would like to share about an exciting opportunity I’ve been given this summer. I have prayed and thought about it a lot and have decided to give my summer to God by serving Him on the mission field. From June 20 to August 1 [insert your team’s dates] I will be going on a mission trip to Europe [insert your team name] with Royal Servants. Royal Servants is described as a summer of service for a lifetime of ministry. It provides students a life-changing experience with God that drives what we know about God from our heads to our hearts. Royal Servants also exposes students to the world’s burning need for a Savior equips them to help meet that need and returns them home to be actively involved serving their church. While with Royal Servants I will have a chance to share the gospel and be intentionally discipled in so I may grow in my walk with God. I am excited. A summer in Europe will be an experience of a lifetime.

Royal Servants goes to many destinations, yet I felt led to go to Europe. For over 6 weeks we will dedicate our lives to serving others. First, we’ll work with a church in Great Britain, helping them reach their community. Then, we’ll visit 7 different countries throughout Europe. We will mostly be involved in “street ministry” using song, drama, puppets, and dance to attract a crowd and share the message of Christ. In every campground we stay in and every town we visit we’ll be able to share with hundreds of people.

Before I leave to go on this mission trip, there are 3 things I have to do. First, I must memorize an evangelistic tool (Connecting With God) to help me prepare spiritually and mentally for this amazing experience. Second, I need people who will be my prayer partners during training and the actual trip. By praying for me as I prepare to leave they will have a direct impact on my ministry. Prayer is vital to everything in life, and this trip is no exception. Third, I need to raise financial support. The cost of the trip is [insert trip cost] + domestic airfare. I intend to contribute as much as I can personally earn. However, I can’t do it alone. I am seeking financial supporters who will enable me to serve God on this trip.

Would you partner with me by being a prayer and/or financial supporter? I’m seeking 30 people who can give $100 each, however any gift is greatly appreciated. Would you pray about being one of those people? I will give you a phone call within 2 weeks to discuss this possibility.

I am looking forward to seeing how God will work in and through me to fulfill His purpose this summer. I also hope to grow closer to Him. Your support and/or prayer would mean a lot to me. Thank you for any way you feel God leading you to help. You will be with me as I travel to influence the lives of people. I will be sure to tell you of my experiences when I return. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Your sister in Christ,

[insert your name]