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Getting ready for your mission trip can sometimes be confusing, but we are here to help guide you towards your summer with ease. Check out some of our resources below!

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Fundraising Help

Need help throughout the support raising process, or just a push to get started? We got you.

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& Forms

We will be sending you a “paper” prep-packet in the mail, but you can also download it all here!

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We send “letters” to all traveling with us on Royal Servants for encouragement and information!

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Fundraising Help

When we receive your completed registration, registration fee, and church reference, we will send you all your support raising materials with you prep-packet. Below are some ways you can get started.

Support Raising

You can now check your donation/gifts online (provided by ManagedMissions), be sent support reports (contact Michele Stevens at for this option), and receive a little bit of necessary encouragement when raising support for your Royal Servants missions trip!

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Managed Missions

You can view the complete cost of your mission trip, check out who has donated, and calculate how much you still have left to raise! Within a week of receiving your completed application, app fee, and church reference, you will receive an email from with the login instructions.

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prep-packet & forms

Each step and form is important. We encourage you to read through each prep packet and form. Click for a printable/downloadable PDF.

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Looking for something that you cannot find?
Every step and form is important for your summer, so let us help!
Contact us for questions and concerns.

have you registered yet?

have you registered yet?

5 steps to your trip

1. complete interest form

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2. Complete Registration form

* If you are returning to complete the "Detailed Registration", please reference the email you received (after completing the "Quick Registration") with a special link.

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3. Pay the Registration Fee

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4. complete Biography and Belief Questionnaire

* If you are returning to complete the "Biographical Questionnaire", please reference the email you received (after completing the "Quick Registration or Detailed Registration") with a special link.

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5. Turn in forms and get Ready to Go!

You'll be mailed all forms (or click for online forms/packets) and materials soon! All that's left is waiting for Training Camp to approach in June!

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