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2024 trips have launched. sign up NOW.

2024 trips have launched. sign up NOW.

2024 trips have launched. sign up NOW.


Presummer Letter: Experience More - Mentorship

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Have you ever wished that God would just tell you exactly what you needed to do in a specific situation? I have. I’ve navigated situations where I have a choice to make but I didn’t quite know where or how to begin. How do I know where He is directing? How do I know it’s His voice? Or how do I know who to go to for advice and wisdom? These have been just some of the questions I have asked myself as I have stared down some big decisions in my life.The Lord desires to guide us, but in ways that help us to know Him more. He wants us to know and understand His voice, how to grow in wisdom and knowledge of His Word, and how to hear and see Him through other believers and their life experiences.

I have learned so much from other godly men and women. It has been through their life experiences and wisdom that I have grown and understood how to better approach some of my life’s circumstances. The accountability I’ve received has refined my faith and my character more than I could ever accomplish alone. Through these mentors in my life, I have found encouragement and guidance to pursue God wholeheartedly; even in my doubts and questions.

We are meant to learn from others, those who have gone before us. We are meant to be taught and receive wisdom from believers who are older and wiser (1 Peter 5:5). This is the way God intended it. He is the God of relationships; the God of discipleship. It’s important for us as believers to seek out the wisdom of those further along in both life and faith.

That’s why finding a mentor for your journey through Royal Servants is so important and highly encouraged. Mentors don’t have all of the answers to life’s questions, but their walk, faith, and history with Jesus can help guide us. There is incredible value in having someone gently and lovingly hold you accountable, to encourage you and pray for you, and to remind you what God stirred in your heart to sign up for a mission trip in the first place, especially when the fears creep in. Mentors have so much to offer and often, we have so much to learn.

When looking for a mentor, look for someone who is older than you or who has just a bit more life experience and is more mature in their faith. Reach out to your pastor or youth pastor for names of people who could mentor you if you can’t think of anyone. Read the books of Timothy, Paul’s letters to his mentee, and pray for open eyes and a teachable heart for what the Lord wants to do in you, through your mentor.

“Timothy, my son, I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well, holding on to faith and a good conscience…” 1 Timothy 1:18-19aWhen you find a mentor, have them sign up at to start receiving specific information about their role!

Important Information

Packing Tips

You've received your Prep Packet and the Packing List is probably one of the first things you looked for. Make sure to also look through any of the Trip Specific items. Now is a great time to start a box of items that you'll need for the summer, purchasing a few items at a time. That way it won't seem so overwhelming when June comes. If you have questions about the packing list, send an email to the support staff listed in the front of your Prep Packet booklet. They are willing and able to help!!!

Booking Domestic Travel

We will be sending out all of the travel forms and Updated Mission Trip Schedule next week. You will be able to book your domestic travel when you receive those documents. You will receive them via email and in the mail.

Forms Due

In your Prep Packet folder, there is a brightly colored sheet called the "Reference Sheet." This sheet briefly explains how each form should be filled out and sent in. Also, on the reverse side it lists important dates that things are due. If I were you, I'd add all those things to my calendar, take a pic of it with my phone, and stick on the fridge. Each form has its due date listed on the side. Most forms are due mid-May, but some, like the Health History Form, will be due sooner. To get copies of any of the forms you can download from our website. *You cannot submit forms through managedmissions. Please refer to the reference sheet for instructions on how to return your completed forms.

Mission Trip International Airfare Amounts & Deadlines

In your Prep Packet we let you know that we are required to start booking international tickets the beginning of May. Listed below are the actual dates we will be booking each trip. That means each participant must have enough money in her or his account to cover that cost on that day. If you have enough funds in your account we will automatically book your ticket. However, if you don’t have the funds in your Royal Servants account, you may also give us a credit card to cover the cost.

We won’t charge your credit card—really! We will simply put a hold for that amount and then remove the hold when your account has enough funds to cover the ticket. We would only charge the card if you dropped from the program and didn't have enough in your account to cover what we paid for the ticket. Reign Ministries is only able to process holds for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards (debit cards may be used, but there has to be enough funds in the account and the hold will make those funds inaccessible until released). You can find more information on this under "Financial Deadlines" in Preparation Packet booklet.

If you want us to purchase your ticket by putting a hold on a credit card, you will have to call the Reign Ministries’ office before the booking deadline. You are not able to use our online giving to place a hold. You can make a tax-deductible donation for your ticket online, but the amount is immediately charged. You can reach Margaret at 402-541-9849 or call our office 763-535-9555 ext. 721 for the Royal Servants Department. We are in the office weekdays between 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM CDT.

Please note: Donations made online via ACH giving (via your checking account) after April 25 may not clear the bank in time to count towards the airfare. Therefore this online giving feature will not be available April 26 - May 11.

Trip     Airfare Cost     Booing Deadline

Ireland  $1200  May 9th

Costa Rica  $900  May 10th

Nepal  $1500  May 10th

Morocco  $1100  May 11th

Nehemiah  $2000  May 11th

Biography & Belief Questionnaire

If you haven't already completed your Biography & Belief Questionnaire, please do that as soon as possible.