Making Follow-Up Support Calls

Making follow-up support calls work! After you have sent your letters we recommend you follow up with a phone call. People who know you care about you and want to talk with you about this exciting opportunity. They are much more likely to give when they can speak with you personally after receiving your letter. A phone call conveys that you are serious about going on your trip and allows them to hear your heart and gives them an opportunity to ask you questions. It also reminds people who may have misplaced your letter.

Sometimes a person will desire to support you but cannot. When you call you have the opportunity to hear their heart, be encouraged, and ask them to pray for you. By praying for you they can still be involved in your ministry!

We understand making phone calls may be intimidating and overwhelming for you. Don’t focus on asking them to support you financially. View it as an opportunity to share what God is doing in your life. You can only ask. Let God be responsible for providing.

After you have sent your letters wait a week before you begin making phone calls. A good idea is to reach five to seven individuals a night until you have made all of the calls. If you can connect with 8 to 10 you will complete your calls in a week!

Before making your calls prepare for what you are going to say. See below for an example which you can personalize and customize for the person you are calling. Write out your points and have them in front of you when you make your calls. Your calls don’t have to be long but make sure you convey what you are doing why you are doing it and what you are asking of them. Pray and ask God for strength for courage to dial the phone for wisdom in what to say to give you favor and for His blessing.

Keep a record of each person you call using the charts at the back of the Prep Packet. They can also be downloaded here.

Try to relax and have fun with it!

Sample Support Calls and Conversation Ideas

“Hello [their name]. This is [your name]. I am calling to talk to you for a minute about the Royal Servants mission trip I’m going on this summer to [trip you are going on]. Do you have a few minutes to talk?”

If they say “No,” ask them when would be a better time to call.

If they say “Yes,” continue :“Did you receive the letter I sent about my mission trip?”

If they say “No,” say, “I will make sure to send you another one. But if it is okay let me tell you a bit about what I’ll be doing this summer.” Then continue below.

If they say “Yes,” continue below.

“This summer I will be involved with Royal Servants, which is a short-term missions organization that focuses on evangelism in various countries around the world and discipling students who go on the trips. On Royal Servants I will be intentionally discipled in a discipleship group as we share the gospel in various ways [if you are a summer staff, see footnote]. I hope that God will… [tell them what you hope God will do IN you and THROUGH you]. Everyone involved this summer is required to raise their own prayer and financial support. I would like to ask you to consider [with your family] being part of my financial support team for this missions trip. Royal Servants suggests that each sponsor give $100, but this is only a suggestion. I would appreciate any contribution. Would you consider financially contributing to my summer missions trip?”

If they say “yes,” ask them if they still have the envelope and sponsor card that you sent, and explain that all they need to do is fill out the card, make the check payable to “Royal Servants,” and mail it in the envelope. Also let them know that you will send them a letter after the trip to inform them of what you learned and what God accomplished through you and Royal Servants with their support.

If they say no, then thank them for considering this and taking the time to talk with you. You may want to ask them if they’d be willing to be part of your prayer team.

Additional thoughts

Some people will want to know how soon you need your support. Let them know about your next support deadline and how much you need. Remember, you are trying to raise $500 within the first 6 weeks. Also, Reign Ministries needs enough support dollars a few months before the trip in order to reserve airplane tickets and purchase supplies.