Check your Support

How to check your fundraising support for you mission trip...
  • See who has sent you gifts.
  • See how much you need to raise.
  • Download your sponsors’ information so you can send them thank you notes.
  • See how much more you need to raise.
How to get started in only 5 steps!

1. Go to Managed Missions

Open ManagedMissions in another window. Keep this window open and you can follow these instructions as you go.

Getting Your Password

If you have not logged in before
, you will not be able to start until we have activated your account. Once activated, the system will send you an email with your username and password. Your username will be the email address you submitted on your application.

If you have logged in before, but have forgotten your password, click the “I forgot my password” link, enter your email address, and go check your email. Your password will be sent to the email address you provided on your Royal Servants application.

2. Login Using Your Email Address and Password

Note: You can change your password anytime to something you can remember.

3. Choose your mission trip

Most of the time there will only be one listed--your next trip with Royal Servants. However, if you have done mission trips before that used this service, you might see those trips too.

4. Click the contributions tab

All your sponsors' gifts are listed here. Look at the financial summary in the right column to see your total cost and your remaining balance.

We will update your data at least once each week. If you are not seeing your updated data, please contact our headquarters to speak with our finance department!

5. Send thank you notes

Click the Export My Contributions link in the right column any time you wished to download a list of your sponsors.