Challenges to Raising Support

There are five major challenges when raising support.

1. Laziness or Procrastination

The support won’t raise itself nor suddenly rain down from heaven like manna as nice as that would be. You need to press on work the plan and trust God for results. Pray for enthusiasm.

2. FEar

Remind yourself that it is a privilege to give potential supporters this opportunity. Set definite times to sit at the phone and dial. In the end you’ll find that the fear of making the call was far worse than actually talking to the person. Pray for courage.

3. Calling at bad times of the day

The best time to call business people is at home after dinner, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

4. Not knowing what to say

You should write down what you want to say to help you stay focused. You will get better the more you talk with people. So prepare practice and pray for clarity!

5. Not stating a definite amount

It’s important to tell them a specific amount you are asking for such as a one-time gift of $100. To say “Whatever the Lord leads ” will usually produce gifts of $15-$25. People respond to a challenge and a specific ask.

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