Morocco Update 7.15.22

Today is another day out doing outreach and serving the people here. Our team actually spent the morning babysitting for a number of families who are long term workers here. That may not seem like the kind of ministry you’d come all the way to North Africa to do, but one thing we have learned here is that when long term worker families are well supported and cared for here, that translates to longevity and sustainability for them. Looking after their kids today allow spouses to join each other for team meetings and fellowship that they otherwise wouldn’t. What an amazing opportunity for us as short-termers to be able to invest in the long term work here. We already have a wait list of workers who are eager to take us up on more babysitting all next week.

We’ve seen some pretty incredible things happen here with the local friends we’ve been making too. As I write this, Raquel, Anna, Maryn, and Kayla are having couscous dinner at the home of a local family that invited them to their house. Couscous on Friday is special here, the mother has been cooking all day, and our students are the guests of honor for that family today. This creates a special and very powerful opportunity to share the message with the whole family in their own home.

In fact there have been numerous occasions where our students have been able to boldly share the message, and pray prayers of blessing over people they meet on the street or in the cafes around here. I love seeing them step out of their comfort zone and trying things that are hard at first, and now have started to become 2nd nature, like praying over strangers. It’s awesome!

Tomorrow we are taking a couple days off and heading out to the very famous “Blue City” for an overnight adventure to a new place. This will give the team a chance to see some new sights, buy some cool souvenirs, and explore a truly beautiful city. We are all so excited!

We are thankful for all our faithful supporters back home and your ongoing prayers as we keep moving forward, day by day.


Job and the North Africa team