Boost Mission Trip to Costa Rica

Meeting Our Costa Rica Family

We are halfway through our week, and every day has been packed full. From the moment we arrived, our host families greeted us with excitement and welcomed us into their homes. This trip has been exceptional with Costa Rica and the body of Christ.

Every person on our team has been paired up and is staying with a local Costa Rican family near the church we're serving. Those families have taken us in as their own, feeding us richly, and embedding us into their lives. There have been family game nights, BBQs, karaoke nights, and lots of delicious Costa Rican cups of coffee. Each team member is getting an immersive crash course in speaking Spanish, which has also been fun and growing for everyone. We are praying with them, encouraging them, being encouraged by them, and worshiping together.

Volunteering In Our Community

With the church surrounding us, much of our time is spent with local believers. On Sunday, we joined the church for an outing at a cabin a couple of hours outside of town and swam in the river nearby with them. Monday was a day of painting classrooms in the church that were due for an update. On Tuesday, we visited a school for adults learning English and practiced English and Spanish with them. We talked about life, hobbies, faith, family, and more. We spent some time working on our testimonies and then went off to get beat at soccer by the Costa Ricans. (But it was close!)

Today, we are back at the church, painting for the morning and going out for lunch with our host families in the afternoon. This evening, we are hosting a talent show with the local youth and sharing our testimonies.

Wrapping Up

Tomorrow is adventure day as we head out to La Fortuna to see some of the incredible natural sights Costa Rica offers. And Friday is our wrap-up day as we finish some projects and outreach. We also have an evening worship service planned with the church.

This trip has been a profound experience for everyone on our team. The students have been doing excellent and are enjoying soaking up every moment. The days are hot, so we are working hard to stay on top of drinking water and lathering up that sunscreen. And I have a feeling that come Saturday morning, there will be a lot of well-earned exhaustion and sadness to say goodbye. God is good.

On behalf of the St. Cloud Christian School team,


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