France 2020 High and Low

It’s morning, we walk out the door, the fresh breeze in our faces, we turn down the road and head towards the bus stop. The bus rolls up, and we all hop on. We roll down the narrow French streets towards the canal and drive to the city Center - Jean Jaures. Jumping off the bus, we walk down the stairs and ride metro A towards Bagetelle, the neighbourhood we will be holding English camp in! Wahoo!!! Lots of kids, lots of colours and shapes, lots of sports, and lots of fun!!

Today we celebrated Mariella’s birthday!! We spent time in the Word this morning (as we do every day), learning about Daniel, living for Christ, and the mercy, protection, and grace of our Father! We ate fish and chips for lunch with birthday cake for dessert. This afternoon our ministry partners trained us in sharing the gospel using the 3 Circles - then we went out to share!

Debriefing the day entails sharing our highs, lows, and buffalos! Highs - what was good about the day. Low - what was hard about the day. Buffalos - something we saw or experienced that was different or interesting about France, the city or the culture.


Learning the culture and doing ministry here in Toulouse! Loving on the kids! All the bread! Teaching English, learning French. Various methods of transportation! And laughter!


Cold water… and not just in the canal down the street. Cold water is great to drink, but a little chilly for showers. Ice cold, but refreshing!


Pizza! Sounds pretty safe, it can’t be that different or interesting, right?! Well, toppings and the overall experience can be! Two over easy eggs in the middle of the pizza. Layered ham and cheese pizza. Pizza costing much more to eat in than take out - so eating in an alleyway with our boxes leaned up against the railing; and the rest of the team eating cold pizza walking back to our AirBnb after participating in English live!!! Lem, Zack and Mariella enjoyed an evening of conversation, laughter, games and English with our French friends from Connect! They came out of their comfort zones, and shared about a topic they were ‘experts’ in!!

All in all, the France team is growing personally and spiritually, they are taking opportunities to serve, starting conversations with the intention of sharing the gospel, loving on kids, and having fun!

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