Costa Rica Blog 7.6.22

The definition of transition is "a period of time from changing of one state to the other."

It can be life giving to those who enjoy constant change and are constantly on the go, and for some it could be rough and a bit jarring.

In our case, the Costa Rica team has had a couple of transitions from their homes and familiarity to a fast-paced, bare minimum Training Camp. And now our 2 days of travel from Training Camp to the beautiful country of Costa Rica, where ministry begins.

We’ve arrived. They are no longer sleeping in tents on a hilltop in rural Wisconsin, but instead sleeping in minimal bunkhouses on a camp site in a small Costa Rican town called Alajuela. Now is a new transition, we are in a new foreign country (for some), with new cultures, sights, and way of living.

And it’s not only location that’s changing. During Training Camp, the individual participants molded together as a team, they were constantly being poured into with teachings on God’s story, on their personal growth story and identity, on group discipleship, on ministry, and the depth and foundation of the Word.

Now all that they in-took, they are going to be pouring out. Their focus will no longer be on themselves but the reason why they are here, to bring the Gospel to others and to serve the locals in any capacity asked.

With any transition, there may be a few bumps. We expect it. We need the time to adjust to new sleep schedules, new pace of the days, new climate, new language barrier, new food, etc. but mainly we need the grace for ourselves and for each other as we navigate this transition.

It’s only our second full day here in Costa Rica, and our students are adjusting well! We are so proud of them as they jump in headfirst into this transition with grace, humility, and a lot of hard work.

As leadership we can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do in and through these bold students.

Please constantly be praying for their hearts, endurance, health, and the ministry that they will be immersed in this week!

Costa Rica Leadership