A Glimpse of Costa Rica

“Hola! Como esta?”

“Bien! Y tú?”

“Bien, gracias!”

This was my exchange most days as I paid our team food bills at the local bakery, fruit stand, grocery store, and butcher.

I’m constantly reminded of the differences in the way of life I witness here daily.

It’s a reminder to slow down. To build relationships with people in my community.

To embrace the rhythm of each day no matter what the day brings. The joy and fast paced nature that sunny days bring or the slowness that comes with the rain.

But I’m also reminded of the similarities.

School children still lose their pencils just as quickly here as in America. And smiles and sports overcomes any language barriers we face.

As our time wraps up here in Costa Rica, I’m basking more in the suns warmth and the beautiful mountains that wrap around the valley we are staying in. And I’m holding tightly to the lessons I’m learning…these reminders to slow down and enjoy the days God has for me, whatever they may bring.

- Beka Kopenski

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