Royal Servants 2017 Recap!

We hope that all are enjoying the beginning of 2018! We here at Royal Servants always look forward to the new year, as it means that the summer will be coming soon. Funny to say months out, indeed, but the summer always arrives quicker than we anticipate.

On top of that, we have a lot going on right now as our annual Pacific Northwest Speaking Blitz is now under way and our East Coast Speaking Blitz is coming later this month. Click here to check out all the deets:

As for 2017, we can't help but reflect back with gratitude for such a great year. Here were some of the highlights!

Last Spring we led a trip in conjunction with The Stony Brook School in New York to Albania led by our very own Job Hammond.

In the summer, too many highlights to list here from our 10 mission trips! But go ahead and watch this
from Training Camp.

In the fall, we held our annual staff conference in Minneapolis where we debriefed our summer trips and dreamt about next year. Oh yeah, and this happened:

Also in the fall and thanks to the generosity of many, we more than exceeded our goal for our Training Camp Phase-2 giving campaign.

...and you must see this one of Tom's happy dance.

...last but not least, we have an exciting set of new mission trips for this summer.

Here is to an amazing 2018, so thankful for all of you,

Royal Servants Staff