Quarantine Doodle Challenge

I wasn’t planning on being here, you weren’t either I can assume. The past couple of days, heck the past couple of weeks I’m sure we are all feeling the bottled up nervous energy that we can’t necessarily exert. It’s a different change that can invite feelings are expressions that we probably don’t know how to express.

I’ve grown up with childhood shows like Mr. Rogers, Raffi, Bob Ross, and newly books by Mo Willems, who so very eloquently helped put feelings into words and how to process them.

One of the ways is by drawing, or doodling for those of us who aren’t so artistically inclined. I like to start with the simple basics so, nothing extravagant because it’s less about the picture and more about getting in touch with your heart and expressing it.

So here I am, and I want to invite you in on creating something with me, so grab a pen, paper, pencils, etc. and doodle with me. We’re all in this together right?

First, what are you feeling? What picture comes to your mind first with what you are feeling?

REVEAL. Duckling, wandering, and there’s a lot of anxiety weighing over that comes in flashes like lightning.

Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, pray about where you see Jesus in the midst of your circumstance and what you’re feeling.

Me? I see him as an umbrella, where I can see the storm around me, but it doesn’t touch me. It’s comforting knowing someone else is protecting me.

Be part of this community. We’d love to SEE your response either by video by sharing it to your story! Make sure to tag Royal Servants on Instagram or Reign Ministries on Facebook! If you’re camera shy? Comment below this video and begin interacting as a community.

Originally Published April 30, 2020

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