Quarantine April Fools

Our own Stephenie Carr is determined to remind you that tomorrow is a very significant day. In the video below she provides 5 simple options to prank those unfortunate enough to be quarantined with you!

(Written transcript below)

Stephenie Carr here with Royal Servants Alumni Department. With all the crazy that’s been going on lately, it may have slipped your mind that tomorrow is April fools. What better thing to do with all the time that you have in your hands then to prank your family? Here’s some ideas to get you started:

#1 – An Unexpected Shower
Let’s start in the kitchen. If you have one of these guys (sink sprayer), Put a rubber band around the nozzle and the next unsuspecting person to turn on the water will get a shower. Eek!

#2 – The Ol’ Switcheroo
Next idea, take the salt and pepper shaker. Take the lids off. Put a little bit of pepper on a napkin. Put a little bit of salt on another napkin. Then put the pepper on top of the salt shaker and screw on the lid. Same with the salt on the pepper shaker. Tear off the extra napkin and you’ve just surprised somebody who’s tried to salt their eggs or pepper their… I don’t know, what do you pepper?

#3 – That Doesn’t Taste Right
The next idea is to give your family a little treat. But mix M&Ms with Skittles. What you get is some weird concoction of chocolate and fruit. Who wants that?

#4 – Auto-Correct
If you go into word, you can auto correct someone’s name so that every time they type it, it turns into something different. Here, go to tools in the top bar menu, then go to AutoCorrect options. Go down to where it says replace and type “Travis Carr,” for instance, and replace it with something like this: “I Phart Freeley.” Add, and then when they go to type their name the next time, surprise!

#5 – Or You Could Try…
Maybe my all-time favorite has to do with edible fake poop that really traumatized my mom when I was younger. I claimed it was the dogs and then bit into it to make sure that it was actually poop. She died a thousand deaths. I’ll make sure to link the recipe below.

A couple guidelines with these things:
1. Let’s stay off the toilet paper this year. I think we all know why.
2. Intentions may or may not be high in your household based on the amount of time that you have been spending together, so use these discerningly.
3. And lastly have fun. Make sure they are a blessing and not anything that’s going to actually cause damage to anyone or any property.

Share your best Quarantine April fools day prank in the comments below!

Originally Published April 1, 2020

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