Quarantine and Books

Quarantine and Books! Books! Books!
It’s a difficult time amidst social distancing and self-isolation. What are you currently reading to pass the time and maintain some semblance of sanity?
Grace also wants to share with you about one of her favorite books and hear about what you’ve been reading while in isolation!

(Video below)

Books. Books. Books.
Audio books. Tangible Books with pages. Kindle. eBooks.
Books help to share an adventure/fantasy story or someone’s story. Whether fiction or nonfiction, whether you agree or disagree with the outcomes or stances the authors take, we can respect the other’s perspective as it enables us to understand each other on a deeper level.
Books have a way of inspiring us, giving us a tool to dream, to discuss, to live by, to learn from like Louie Inks always says — to become a lifelong learner .. and dreamer in this world.

Let’s share some of our favorite books we’ve read that we can share with our community! And why you love it! 🙂

Calling you to be part of this community. We’d love to SEE your response either by comment or video. Share your video in your story! Make sure to tag Royal Servants on Instagram or Reign Ministries on Facebook! If you’re camera shy? Comment below this video and begin interacting as a community of togetherness – in a time we can’t be together.

Originally Published April 8, 2020

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