School and Orphanage Ministry in Nepal

Elephant Rides and Rhinos

Between Kathmandu and Pokhara, we took a little break and enjoyed some culture and heritage as we stopped in Chitwan National Forest. It is such a fun experience for our students as we all get to ride and bathe the elephants, see Rhinos in the wild along with other animals, and then take in a cultural heritage show.

students on a mission trip on the back of an elephant

Ministry In Pokhara

We then went to Pokhara, where we hit the ground running doing ministry. On Wednesday, we participated in what is usually the student’s favorite ministry all summer. We go to a special needs school where we do all of our performances for the students, and then they do the performances they have practiced for us. Then we set about the most fun task, making balloon animals and swords for them. They especially love the swords and having sword fights with our students! 

students on a mission trip making balloon animals for students in nepal

As we left, we went down to where the children had made cookies for us, which our students loved partaking in! This ministry opportunity is always so much fun, as we love on children who are largely forgotten about here in Nepal. It also seems that Meile and Elijah S. captured the hearts of a couple of the kids…but don’t worry, nobody is bringing back any spouses.

boys on a mission trip to nepal

On Thursday, we visited a new orphanage that a man has been funding out of his pocket. The quality of care he’s been able to provide for these kids is impressive. After doing our performances, we all went out and played basketball and soccer with them. I think we made some good friends.

kids playing with a blue ball

On Friday, we went back to another favorite spot. Last year, we were able to get into a large school that helps and educates children of all ages to come out of human trafficking. It’s like a rock concert when we go there. We cannot share the gospel here, but Ben, Abagail, Kaitlyn, Lillyanne, Obbe, Eli, and Elijah S do an excellent job presenting the gospel through their drama. They now invite us back every year!

students on a mission trip performing a dance at a school in nepal

We also did a church service at a new church this year. The students ran the youth program on their own this time. Josie, Ben, Lydia, Brianna, and Jake took the reins and did incredible.  

After several days of ministry, we took a day hike up to the Australian Base Camp to try and get a good look at the mountains. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy. We then hiked down to the small village of Dhampus, where we could see the famous Annapurna mountain range from the rooftops. In my five trips here, it never disappoints!

Now we are on to debriefing.

This blog was originally published on July 27th, 2023 and updated on February 19, 2024.

students on a mission trip doing a dance in nepal
a group of girls on a mission trip to nepal