Reign Ministries

Morocco Update 7.7.22

Job Hammond

July 24, 2022

We’re two days in and the team is warming up to this nation beautifully. “You told us the people here were very nice, but I was still surprised to see just how warm and welcoming they are here” Maryn said this morning as we debriefed the teams first real outing yesterday. James also added “I’m just so amazing at their warmth and kindness as I stopped people to ask for help.” Breaking down the myths we believe about people from this nation and others like it, and the social barriers that come with those myths, is an important goal in this whole trip. It’s amazing to see how that is happening almost immediately.

We’ve settled into the hotel here, which is a beautiful and spacious place to stay. We’ve met out hosts who are long term “workers” here and begun training for “out reach” on day one. This team has hit the ground running, are battling through jet lag, and are getting their bearings in this beautiful city.

Yesterday we sent he team on a scavenger hunt around downtown, which helped everyone get familiar with the area, and get used to talking to locals here. They handled it wonderfully and today are out on the streets meeting people and establishing connections, which we hope will turn into opportunities to share the good message. We call this process “fishing.” You can be “thinking” of our students as they are learning and practicing the skills they need to do this. Even as I write this, there are students just outside the cafe I’m sitting in, having conversations with locals. It’s awesome to see.

Thanks for all your “thoughts” as we traveled out here, and as we step out and do the work we came here to do.

Job and the North Africa team