Morocco Update 7.27.22

The team has wrapped up our our outreach in Tangier, and tomorrow morning we board a train to Fes to begin debriefing. The team has finished strong here, grabbing up every opportunity to that comes their way to serve people and get the message out. We’ve been able to do a bit more exploring and sight seeing before we make our exit, and have said our final goodbyes to the “workers” that have partnered with us and have become such good friends in the process.

Over the course of these weeks in Tangier, we have seen some amazing stories of how God is working and moving in the people here. Dozens of people heard the gospel for the first time ever, many got to read scripture with our students and hear personal testimonies. We tore down cultural, religious, social, and language barriers. We made genuine friendships and prayed for healing and blessing over almost every single person we met along the way. The time has been rich and powerful. Never easy, but life changing all the same.

Next up, Fes!

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