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Kristen McHargue’s Legacy

Tom Ives

May 18, 2023

How do we articulate in words the legacy Kristen McHargue left?

It should be an epic movie, a heart-warming documentary, a riveting play or at the very least a Broadway musical. There were so many facets to Kristen: the passionate warrior for God, the fierce mother bear, the enthusiastic cheerleader, the quiet listener, the huntress and giver of treasures, the fabulous free-spirit, the maker of loveliness, the sharer of laughter, the organizer extraordinaire, the adventuring gypsy, the creative drawing board for change, the wide-eyed dreamer, the party animal, the rad fashionista. Her poor precious body could not hold all that she was on this Earth.

For 15 years she served Reign, 12 of them with her husband, Steve, before he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in 2012. Together they moved us from a Mom and Pop organization to one that was professional, while still retaining all the warmth and intimacy we loved about who we were. It is something we will be forever grateful for. For many years Kristen struggled with wave after wave of debilitating illness, but through it all she remained steadfastly cheerful, full of humor and vivacity, and continued to pour extraordinary amounts of love and wisdom into the lives of those around her. She leaves what feels like a black hole in the space of our lives.

​In 2012, Steve and Kristen had a stone made for the commissioning of Reign’s very own Training Camp. On it was inscribed, “For all who have prayed, labored and given, thank you. May the Lord be honored here”​. Well, we throw that right back at you Kristen​ (and Steve)…you prayed, you labored, and you gave. Thank you. The Lord was honored here.

– Reign Ministries Staff (former and present)

Originally Published June 9, 2015