Europe Update 7.21.23

Europe Team In Albania

We arrived in Albania on Monday morning at 5:00 AM, just in time to see the sunrise as we were unloading the bus at our Hostel. The difficulty of the situation was that we had left Zadar, Croatia (our previous location) at 2:00 in the afternoon on Sunday.   

That’s right… a fifteen hour Bus ride - we knew it would be a long one, but we certainly did not expect three and a half hours of wait time at the border to get out of Croatia. 

Thankfully, the bus was air-conditioned and the team had fun while waiting. 

This week we are partnering with Tirana Evangelical Church. The church has a strong group of young adults that have been going out with us when we do ministry. We have had many great conversations. Our new friends from the church have been encouraged and emboldened in their own outreach efforts by watching our students’ faithfulness to talk about Jesus!

It has been another busy week of ministry and growth. Our students are amazing, and we are very proud of the way they are handling anything that comes their way. The heat has been rough - consistently in the 100 plus range with high humidity as well. But the team has had good attitudes in the midst of it. 

Please pray for us - we have another travel day on Sunday after we attend church. We will be leaving Tirana and going to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

The bus trip should be about six and a half hours - but you never know about those border crossings. 😃

Jeff Bell