Europe Final Update 7.30.23

Europe Team in London for Debriefing. 

It is Sunday morning, our team is enjoying a beautiful morning in a park across the street from the Church in London where we are staying for the debriefing phase of our time together. 

We just talked about looking back on the changes that God has brought about in our lives. And, now we are having a quiet time to look at various scriptures that can teach us about courage. The kind of courage that it takes to go home and continue to live out what God has taught us this summer. 

It has been a fantastic summer. 

This team of students has travelled well, worked hard, been open to God, ministered effectively, and grown exponentially. They are different people than they were when they came … because they asked Jesus to show Himself to them - and He did!

Each student will come home knowing how to talk about their faith in Christ in a real and natural way. They know that God can and wants to use them to reach out to others. They know how to love and serve others and are motivated to do the same at home!

It has been a huge blessing and privilege to see God working in their lives. 

The ministry has been awesome too. Before we left Mostar, we took a day trip to Sarajevo, a two hour train ride through the mountains of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The train ride is ranked among the top ten most beautiful train rides in the world, and it certainly lived up to that ranking!

We got to see some amazing cultural and historical sites in Sarajevo. We also finished off the ministry portion of our trip with a couple of street ministry opportunities, which drew the largest crowds yet for our drama and dance performances. 

It was an exciting time for everyone as we had our last conversations and got to share the Gospel with many people.

Thank you for all of your prayers over the last month God has answered them!

Jeff Bell

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