COVID-19 Devotional: Waiting

Today’s COVID-19 Devotional Holly shares her thoughts waiting in this season of seemingly endless waiting.

Hey Friends! Holly Duke, Royal Servants trip leader here. Like many of you there have been a ton of things I have been thinking about these days. One of the things I have been thinking about is what it means to wait.

I know two things about myself in this. One, I am good at waiting, when I know exactly when something is coming. I mean, I still get a little impatient, but I can wait it out because I am certain of the outcome. Like waiting for a vacation to start, or something like that. There is a set, defined time.

Second, I am a terrible wait-er when it comes to the unknown, the uncertain. And I realize this really is much like the Christian life. We, as Christians are waiting for Jesus and our hope is in him. Whether that be for when he returns, or we die, our lives as Christ followers are leading us to Him. And we don’t know what that looks like or when that will be.

So, like we wait for this situation to find some resolution, we wait for Jesus. But, for the Christian, waiting isn’t sitting on our hands. We wait, but we don’t just wait for the end of whatever to start living. We wait by living. Many of us, and yes we have limitations placed on us, but many of us are waiting for the limitations to be lifted, and this Covid situation to end so we can start to do things again. In some cases we have to, but there is so much we can do to wait well.

I don’t have firm answers to this. I am still wrestling through this myself. But, the following Scripture chunks are ones I think of often at this time. I am asking myself the same questions you will see below. And I have included a song that has been on repeat often because it helps me to pray. Be blessed in how God shares Himself with you in Scriptures, and may you find some peace will we wait together.

Further Study:

Joshua 2-6:21-25
How long do you think Rahab had to wait?
What were the conditions of her waiting?
Why do you think she chose to believe the spies?
How do you think she kept sane as she waited?

Check out Matthew 1:5 if you want and see who this Salmon guy was. He married a non-Israelite, but think about who he was and what this whole situation might have meant. I think it’s pretty cool

Acts 1:1-2
What were these people waiting for?
What did they do while waiting?
What happened?

Psalm 130
Check this psalm out in a few different translations.
This is a psalm the Jewish pilgrims would recite as they ascended to Jerusalem. What do you think they were telling God?
What was a key idea you read in this psalm that kept them on the path to God?
What is God saying to you?

Worship Song:
So Will I by Will Morrison:…
I love it when people put words to what I feel and don’t know how to say.

Originally Published April 13, 2020

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