Reign Ministries

Costa Rica Update 7.9.22

Grace Horst

July 24, 2022

Youth Ministry Camp.

It’s exactly what it sounds. For the last several days, our students and Ticos from the church have been organizing a mini Training Camp complete with games, worship, dance, soccer, discipleship, and teachings!

Here at Royal Servants, we are passionate about making disciples who make disciples. The last 2 weeks, we have poured into our students so they can be filled with the Spirit, learn more about the character of God, take their relationship with the Lord seriously, and now they are turning around to teach what they’ve learned to Costa Ricans.

We’ve started our day by inviting in 23 (and counting) Ticos from the area into the program where we will be playing ice breaker games, soccer games, teaching dances and dramas! But it doesn’t stop there - we’re also intentional about having a time of worship, drama, small groups, and most importantly sharing about God’s Story, our identity in Christ, and how your story is impactful for the Gospel.

It’s been a joy to watch as our students step outside of their comfort zone. It takes a lot of boldness to share not only your story but to teach, to lead, and to engage in ministry that they’ve never done before.

Be praying for continued boldness in the students, for all they taught and shared to land on fresh soil, and that the Spirit moves and grows in hearts of the Ticos that attended!