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Costa Rica Update 7.27.22

Grace Horst

May 18, 2023

The long-term impact that Royal Servants will have on students is, in some ways, dependent on the debriefing process. The students have been away from home for several weeks, had new life-impacting experiences, seen God work in other people’s lives in amazing ways, grown in their own walk with Christ, and developed strong bonds with their teammates.

Now all of a sudden they are going to be back home in a few short days (I know you’re excited to see them!) and we as Trip Leadership need to prepare them for it. We cannot underestimate the importance of the debriefing process for the healthiness of the mission trip as a whole!

The whole process; teachings, studies, and activities are meant to bring closure to the trip, and help prepare team members emotionally, physically, and spiritually, to face the pressures, temptations, and frustrations of returning home from the mission trip.

We’ve moved from our beautiful locations throughout Costa Rica (Alajuela, Cachi, Siquirres) and have arrived at the coast in Jaco where we’ve already been 2 days into our debriefing week!

We have a lot packed into the next few days, full of being in the Word, encouraging each other, planning, worshiping, praying, preparing, etc. But don’t worry! They’ve with some incredible time on the beach and exploring yet another beautiful oasis that is Costa Rica!

Be praying for healthy closure, team dynamics, safety in our travels, and most importantly for us to see and reflect on all that God has done this summer, and all that he will continue to do while we arrive home!