Costa Rica Update 7.15.22

There are always forces against us when we come to bring news of freedom and love to those who need to hear. There is always scary and intimidating when we take the stand to share this story for the first or 1649201th time. God’s story. Gods story of love, joy, and freedom for us.

There are always those who are against hearing this story.

There are always those who are interested, but are not ready.

There are always those who are ready.

We are here, we are ready to take the stand against any force, we are bold because we know we don’t go alone. We are equipped and ready to encounter anyone where they are.

Our students have been in ministry since we arrived in our new location in Cachí. Whether it’s through our performances in city squares or through a soccer (fútbol) game, our students, YOUR student has taken small, yet bold steps in sharing Gods story and how their story is wrapped with His grace and mercy. It’s beautiful, it’s frustrating at times, and it’s how we can be tools in the Kingdom. It’s taking the initiative to share Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and leaving the results up to God!

Here are a few of the photos from the ministry today in Paraiso!