Costa Rica Update 7.14.22

Costa Rica team doing outreach in Cachi

Today was about flexibility. Our team was prepared and ready for what God had for them. Plans change in life. In Costa Rica, it rains.

Today the outreach plan was to play games and put on performances for local children in the central “fútbol” field here in our home base town of Cachi. But it was pouring rain this afternoon.

After looking into options, the local Elementry school gym became available for our team to use. One by one, family by family, kids starting showing up. William, Alyson and Renae had a bunch of kids playing corn hole. Dylan and Adi played football. There was a pick up futbol game with Mary, Solomon and Gabe. Brethany was welcoming everyone into the gym. Katie was leading a frisbee game.

Then, our team did a puppet, dance and drama performance. Solomon explained, with Mariano translating, the gospel as shared during the drama. “We can choose our way, or God’s way”.

We ended our time with the kids by handing out balloon animals. Jordyn and Faith helped distribute them to all the Ticos. And then the games started back up before we closed out the afternoon. Our team was flexible and ready with whatever and whomever God provided today.

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