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Costa Rica Update 7.12.22

Rainer Powell

May 18, 2023

Maximum Attention

Our team has been playing a silly game called maximum attention. We sit in a circle and toss a ball to each other. If you drop it, make a bad throw, or throw it to someone sitting next to you, you are out. It takes all of your attention to win the game.

I am seeing our team bond. They are sharing life with each other. They are serving each other. The team is listening to the new members on our team that are local Costa Ricans. They are giving their maximum attention to the thing that matters, each other.

God is giving them the ability to care for each other. I love that about our father in Heaven. He is always putting things back together. He is always healing things inside our hearts. He is always giving us His maximum attention.

For the Costa Rica Team

Rainer Powell