Costa Rica Senior Staff Interview

I personally have been on two Royal Servants trips previously as a student, and the best way I have found to describe the spiritual growth in myself when I went on my trips is to compare it to a pressure cooker. You don't have the distractions of the world to pull your attention away. And, you're surrounded by other Christians with the same level of dedication. It creates a very unique environment to be in. There really is not much else to do other than dive deeper, which I did as a student.

And now, I am getting to witness it as a leader. Our quiet times in the Word of God are leading to long discussions with my small group on questions that would be difficult to answer on our own. And even late at night, I am seeing students grabbing leaders and asking questions on topics they are struggling with in their personal lives. Everything is Christ centered and Biblically rooted. Students are answering other student's questions by referencing scripture that they had read on previous days of the trip. A couple of students in my group have expressed that they are feeling that they are truly understanding what it means to be a Christian for the first time. They are living out what it means to be a disciple and gaining more of an understanding as to what it takes to live a Christ-like life. And everyday, they are gaining further insight as to who they are in Christ.

Ethan, Costa Rica Senior Staff

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