Reign Ministries Application Process

We are so excited that you are interested in applying for Reign Ministries Staff. Here are the next steps to move forward in a new adventure.

*Note: If you are applying for Royal Servants as a Summer Staff, please apply via Royal Servants online application. Questions? Or concerns? Please email

1. Preliminary Questionnaire

Complete a preliminary questionnaire and resume to tell us more about yourself and your vision for ministry.

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2. Connect & Submit Application

Upon receiving your completed questionnaire and resume, a representative of the Mobilization Department will contact you to discuss ministry opportunities and your interests.

If we agree there is potential for a good ministry fit, your next step is to complete and submit the application, references, lengthy life history questionnaire, processing fee, and background check.

3. Interview at Minneapolis Headquarters

Meet with 2-3 Reign Ministries’ staff members for the interview. Dependent on the role you are anticipating, you may be asked to meet with a consulting firm we utilize for personality and temperament assessments.

4. Support Development

You will be training with Support Raising Solutions (click here to learn more).

Support development and weekly coaching appointments
The support development process can vary greatly in length depending on budget amount and support network - anticipate 9 to 20 months.

Begin your full-time role once you reach your support goal!

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