Kairos Discipleship school

Class Topics

The following Class Topics are a sample of what will be taught in a given year but is not exhaustive. For an in-depth look at the Kairos Discipleship program and what classes will be taught, you can download a Course Catalog to learn more.

biblical studies

Overview of the Old and New Testaments
A study of the history, theme, author, and key verse for each book of the Bible, as well as a look at the timeline of biblical eras. This class will highlight specific examples of the character of God throughout the true, historical stories of the Bible. Students will grasp a big-picture view of the story of salvation presented in the Bible, from cover-to-cover.

Biblical Foundations
This course covers what God reveals to us through His Holy Word versus what our culture has taught us in our churches and schools. It reveals how deeply we have misunderstood and made assumptions about Scripture without properly understanding it, while also giving an understanding of what God is communicating and what it actually means.

How to Study the Bible
We will teach a simple, accessible approach to studying the Bible. Students will learn how to investigate the overall context of a book to uncover specific details about authorship, style and purpose. They will then learn to study a specific passage through a process of comprehension, interpretation and application. Finally, our students will use outside resources (study Bible notes, commentaries, etc.) to test and refine their understanding. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to paraphrase a passage of Scripture, place it correctly within its immediate historical context and within the overarching Biblical narrative.

This course is a study on the nature of God which includes discussion and explanation of different theological viewpoints present among the church today. By discussing theological viewpoints, students will engage in class discussions based on current hot button topics in the church and our culture and learn how to respond to those topics as they pertain to our faith in Christ and biblical Truth.

foundations of faith

Identity in Christ & The Father-Heart of God
This class examines the Father-Heart of God and our position before Him as His adopted child. Three myths that our world tells us is that our identity lies in our appearance, performance, and reputation or status. This class examines the difference of living with an orphan spirit vs. a spirit of adoption, and that God’s love has set us free by what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross which gives us access to the Father.

Life of a Disciple
This is a study on what it means to be a disciple, walking in humility and grace, and takes an in-depth look at how to pursue intimacy with God. We will spend examining the lives and characteristics of Jesus’ first disciples and growing in Christ like character.

Forgiveness is the first step to freedom within ourselves and freedom in our relationships with others. This study defines what forgiveness is, what it is not, and how to walk in a lifestyle of forgiveness. Immediate application of this class is practiced as we allow time for the Lord to speak to each individual and then facilitate an exercise on how to forgive an offense.

Students learn what it means to partner with God in the place of prayer. Topics include: the biblical basis for effective prayer, defining intercession, abiding and bearing fruit, praying with increased confidence, theology of prayer, cultivating a hearing heart, and principles for effective intercession.

Spiritual Warfare
This study is a down-to-earth approach to understanding the spiritual realm, putting on the Armor of God, knowing our authority, understanding why evil exists, and practical ways to wage warfare.

christian ministry

Youth Ministry
Throughout the gospel, Jesus created an environment for making disciples. Since we are also called to make disciples, we want to create that same environment. This study examines six principles of creating an environment for disciple making in the context of youth ministry. Topics covered include: an atmosphere of love, building a biblical group image, a consistent contacting ministry, a proper concept of Christ, prayerful dependence, and communicating the Word of God. Time is also spent discussing the characteristics of a youth worker.

World Views and Religions
This course is an explanation of the main world religions, such as Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It explores the philosophies of monotheism, polytheism, naturalism, and pantheism and compares them to the unique claims and relevancy of Christ.

Missions & Evangelism
This course is designed to guide the student in the development of a personal commitment to, and involvement in, evangelism and the Great Commission. This study explores the philosophy, principles, and strategies for evangelism and cross-cultural missions. Topics include: biblical and theological mandate for missions, history of missions from the book of Acts to the modern missions movement, the current state of missions, the changing and evolving needs and methods of missions, the biblical and theological support for evangelism, what is the Gospel, evangelism methods, and how to share the Gospel.

Biblical Leadership
Jesus is the ultimate example of a leader worth following. This study looks at the foundation for biblical leadership – the condition of the heart. Leadership is more than appearance, talent, and gifting. Leadership needs to first flow from the internal heart, soul, and character of a person. Emphasis is put on defining character and examining the character traits of leaders in the Bible. Each student also chooses a character trait and prepares a teaching for the class that they present.