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10 Reasons Why Teenagers Make Perfect Missionaries

Dave Eikenberry

November 9, 2020

#10. The Disciples Were Teenagers
Jesus worked with students. Most Bible scholars agree that most of the Twelve Disciples were in their teens during the time Jesus chose to ministry to and with them. (Apparently Paul did Jr. High ministry because it says in 1 Cor. 15:32 that he “fought with wild beasts” while in Ephesus! Okay, I know that’s cheesy. But I couldn’t resist)

#9. They Have A Future
When you reach a student, you’ve reached someone who likely still has most of their life in front of them to live out for God’s purposes and glory!

#8. They Stay Young At Heart
It keeps you young, young at heart at least! The excitement and relative innocence about life, and the zeal in which they often approach it, always is a needed reminder to adults to not let the harsh realities and previous defeats in life cause us to stop seeing and seeking new opportunities and joys that may await us.

#7. They Produce Much Fruit
Statistically, it’s the most fruitful ministry. Time and time again surveys show that something like at least 80% of adult believers report having trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior during their teen years.

#6. Its Exciting!
Student ministry is exciting if you have a vision for growing the Kingdom through multiplication (II Tim. 2:2). Jr. and Sr. High youth, on average, reach out to their friends at a much higher rate than those in other age groups.

#5. An Ounce of Prevention is worth…
When you reach and disciple teenagers, you help them avoid many of the destructive attitudes, actions, and relationships which those who come to Christ later in life are left to deal with. While being a fallen human being in a fallen world will inevitably bring us all a certain amount of suffering and pain, those who sow to the flesh for many years, usually reap multiplied sorrow and pain (Gal. 6:7).

#4. Its A Lot of Fun
Building relationships with teens often requires that you enter into some of their world. Usually their world includes a desire for lots of new fun and interesting adventures. Therefore, you often find yourself making time again for many activities that the business of life has caused you to ignore or leave behind (playing sports and crazy games, amusement parks, canoeing, skiing, video games, attending concerts, etc.)

#3. All Generations
The students you reach, disciple, and equip to be leaders will one day be the generation who provides leadership for your grand children.

#2. They’re Open
Students are often more willing and able than those in other age groups to help fulfill the great commission! Young people are not yet tied down with “adult responsibilities.” Often, they are also willing to be inspired, stretched, and challenged to step out of their comfort zones and do service projects, short term missions, and other great commission ministry.

#1. Glory to God!
The final and ultimate reason to do youth ministry: because it brings great glory to God! Faithful, long-term ministry–to an age group that many have trouble understanding or even liking and/or appreciating it–causes others too marvel, “why do they do that?” If it is apparent that we are doing it because of our “faith in” and “love for” the Lord Jesus Christ, our devotion is a testimony to His greatness. In addition, the essence of sin is man making himself the center of his life rather than God (Isaiah 53:6, Romans 1:21-22). Teenagers are typically pretty self absorbed and self centered. So, when you help teenagers, who have a reputation for extra self centeredness, realize and begin living a God centered life, you help them live in such a way that others take note of the change, and God gets more of the glory He so rightly deserves!

Originally Published December 29, 2016